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2007-07-18 18:57:44
If you'd like to manage a team and win the Tour de France by yourself
once, you should check out .
You'll get a team with a bunch of cyclists and then you're ready to
race in the weel known classics like Paris-Roubaix or in big tours
like the Tour de France! You could also buy a nice talent or hire one
of the best youth scouts. And by training your cyclists you might
eventually be in charge of the best cyclist so far!

I do feel this is the best on-line cycling manager game there is. Make
sure you check it out on . There's more information
about the game...

2007-12-04 18:51:34
Father Vic
I'm also playing Peloton. At the start, it was only my 3rd important
online manager game, but it has risen to the 1st place lately !

Certainly the newest additions are going to make it a lot cooler game
than before. The ideal amount of cyclists will be 25 to 30 now,
therefor all managers with more cyclists are selling a lot of their

This + the fact that a new season is coming up makes it THE IDEAL
MOMENT to start with this interesting game. You can buy yourself a
nice team for not much money. Guaranteed to win a lot and gain a
division straight away.

Just try it on !


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