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Name:  John
Age:  49
Country:  United States  
Place of living:  Colorado
Language:  English
Favorite Cycler:  Peter Sagan

Points:  800
Total Ranking:  70
Remaining budget:  18
Yearpoints:  2450 (287/602/393/790/378)
Yearranking:  709
All-time Ranking (Points):  96 (35522)
Last online on:  2018-09-23 22:49:08
Guestbookposts:  6
Forumposts:  1

My Cyclers: Pts: 800

World Championship Team Time Trial30015003004501530165
World Championship Time Trial115015004502002270359
World Championship Road Race80310650000000176
Giro di Lombardia000000000000

List of honour
Race Place
Voorjaarsklassiekers - Amstel Gold Race 3
Autumn Classics 147
Giro d'Italia 357
2017 Overall Year Ranking 745
Tour de France 875
Vuelta a Espana 1285
Spring Classics 1552

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2009-02-27 00:30:00  |  Italia So

Hi All,

Please check out my
virtual feed zone for
your road & fantasy
cycling resources:

2007-08-31 06:28:03  |  Italia So

What I'm trying to
understand in all these
doping cases is the
inconsistency with how
each case is handled.
Some guys are confessing,
giving their jerseys,
medals and earnings back,
while others confess and
keep riding (ie: Zabel).
Just when you get a new
hero, he's doping too.
So the list has now grown
to those who come to mind
most readily: Rumsas,
Heras, Hamilton, Zabel,
Basso, Ullrich, Santi
Perez, Landis, Mayo,
Mancebo, Vino,
Kashechkin, etc... Some
have gone quietly out the
back door, some have
confessed and paid their
dues, and some seem to be
riding way too soon for
other teams now. What's
most annoying is that
they're allowed to ride
in lesser races, but
denied Grand Tour
invites. So are they
guilty or not???!!! The
sad thing is that those
listed above have all
been on the podium. What
an absolute disgrace to
the sport and what idiots
they are, most recently
at the Tour, for still
trying to dope -- even
after signing the
agreement to pay the
consequences of a
two-year ban and a
year's salary.

2006-07-07 20:00:55  |  Italia So

you can send your
compliments to mjtac, our
team leader.

peace, love and EPO!

2006-07-07 08:37:14  |  NOA

Maybe you should tell me
who I have to send my
compliments to.

I couldn´t help noticing
that out of a group of
thirteen participants two
groups of three
teammembers have exactly
the same selection of

This must and can not be
a coincidence. In
addition it can not be
the purpose of the game
to be THAT creative.

Last but not least; in
your (over) reaction in
my guestbook says it all.
Case closed and succes
with your own game.

2006-07-06 08:50:10  |  NOA

Are you guys playing a
fair game or what? I see
a lot of teams that are
quit similar.

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