What's a pool?

On Wielerprono.be, a pool is not your personal selection of riders. It's a group of people playing the game, who unite in a game between other pools, and between themselves. Some frequently asked questions are posted below:

How many members does a pool need to be valid?
To be a valid pool, your pool has to have at least 5 members

How are the pool-scores calculated?
All that information can be found at our score table page. It can be found here.

Can I ask anyone to join my pool?
Yes, you can. It's up to the pool leader to decide who can join his/her pool.

After the start of the game, can I still switch pools?
No, you can only switch pools untill the day before the first race of a game.

Can I play in multiple pools?
Yes, the difference with the old 'teams'-concept is that you can join multiple pools now.


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